Create Post and Pages Within WordPress

Creating post in WordPess is very easy. It is comparable to creating a document in “MS Word”.

There are several types of media that you may insert into a post like text, contact forms, polls, images, audio, and video. For audio and video you must purchase an upgrade but there is a work-a-round. You can post media on other sites for free then embed it on your site.

You can upload you videos to YouTube or Vemeo for free then grab the url of the video and paste it in your post. The video can now be played from you site.

You could use YouTube for audio as well but I prefer SoundCloud for audio post. SoundCloud is like Youtube of audio files.

Google Docs
To publish a Google document you need to do more than grab the documents url, you must get an embed code. Here are the instructions. Once you retrieve the code you are required to open the WordPress text tab to enter the code.




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